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Italia 10.98 is a boat built by a shipyard able to boast a fifty-years long experience. It is well manufactured to last a lifetime. Waterlines and sailing plan are the brainchild of Maurizio Cossutti and the Italia Yachts design team and they are made to ensure an incomparable navigation experience. The wide teak cockpit, the folding transom and the perfect location of the manoeuvres on deck: everything is in the right place to ensure great sailing simplicity both in cruising and racing. The bright and comfortable interiors, finished in precious teak wood, are the widest and richest of innovative solutions in its category. Italia 10.98 is available both in the two as three cabins versions.

Designed for sailors by a team of yachtsmen

Passion, design, craftsmanship, experience, these words describe some of the values in Italia Yachts mission: to design and build sailing boats of the highest quality, solid and fast, finished with maniacal care, the finest materials by the finest craftsmen. To better understand our product and its unique features, you must touch it with your hands as we do, day after day, building another Italia 10.98. Yours.

Very fast and fun
Fast and easy to handle, even with a reduced crew. You can go sailing and have fun with Italia 10.98 also with light winds, thanks to the extreme lightness of the boat and the performing waterlines, always in complete safety, upwind or with the Gennaker downwind.

Everything in the right place

It is uncommon to board a boat and see that everything is where we expect it to be. In daily use, as in regatta, the deck equipment is designed to ensure safety use without tampering crew movements. All the hatches are flush deck, the walking section is wide and safe while the through deck jib furler, included in the standard equipment, allows the use of both cruising and racing sails.

Flat deck and a free walking promenade
We designed the lower diagonal shroud much inside, leaving the deck clear of obstructions. Together with the “German Sheet” and the through deck halyards, the flush deck hatches such as the spinnaker circuit flush deck, the result is that the deck of Italia 10.98 is incredibly clean and free.

The deck of Italia 10.98 is breaking, so much that is possible to comfortably lay for sunbathing. The only elements present are the caps (wire as standard), and the flush hatch of the dinette. Just spread a towel and sunbath. Few boats are equipped with flush deck hatches: the reason is simple: they cost more than traditional, but they make the deck smooth and uniform, perfect for lying or moving smoothly. So why deprive them? Italia 10.98 is equipped as standard only with flush deck hatches.

Strength and lightness

Careful design choices give to Italia 10.98 maximum structural rigidity, together with extreme lightness. For added strength, any particular of structural interest is banded: the deck, the structural frame, the bulkheads, all the reinforcements of the shrouds. The result is a non-deformable boat, with a high resistance to twisting and, consequently, extremely safe and durable in time.

Both the hull and the deck in sandwich
Many brands offer the sandwich processing construction only for the race versions. This is because the boats so constructed are lighter, more rigid and with greater performance. Instead, Italia Yachts offers this construction process for every model. Both the hull and the deck are constructed in sandwich with differentiated density PVC core; the unidirectional and biaxial E-glass fibres are laminated with vinylester resin. The lamination is carried out at controlled temperature between 16 and 25°. Plates are included in the structure to increase resistance where the deck hardware is mounted.

CNC Appendages
It is in the DNA of Italia Yachts: build light boats, fast, extremely easy to handle and safe, to use for cruising and racing, without having to change anything with modifications or enhancements. To acheive this result, each model is - as standard - already fitted to reach maximum performance: for example the keel is “T” shaped with steel structure and the torpedo is cast lead with 3% antimony; the steel structure is enclosed in a CNC fiberglass shell in order to optimize the wing sections and the 1,500 Kg f ballast give the boat a good righting moment.

Close up of a construction fase

Hull sandwich process with vinylester resins

The rudder blade
The rudder blade is laminated in fiberglass with PVC core on female moulds. The aluminium alloy (Anticorodal 6082) rudder stock is biconical. The stock bearings are self-aligning. With Italia Yacht, you can say goodbye to annoying and expensive modifications to optimize the boat: what other brands call “race versions” is the starting point of all our models.

Some of the large mounting bolts through the keel

Handcraft finishing of internal wood frames

Anticorodal rudder stock and folding propeller
The aluminium alloy (Anticorodal 6082) rudder stock is biconical and the stock bearings are self-aligning.
The standard propeller is a two-blade folding one. All the equipment used on board, from pipes to valves are selected from the best brands on the market to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance. The best surprise is that this is all standard, carefully chosen by Italia Yachts.

Carbon, where is neede
To further improve the rigidity of the boat, we have provided structural unidirectional carbon reinforcements on the structural cage, along the sheerline and in corrispondence of the standing rigging attack points. IY 10.98 is strong, lightweight and resistant also thanks to the carbon fiiber reinforcements.

A top-class cockpit

Sit in the cockpit of the broader category, forget the size of the boat and unwind on the comfortable benches chairs: extra large size that will make you feel at home; alone, with family, or in the company of many friends, the space will always be plentiful. Italia 10.98 Restyling knows how to be brilliant. Small, but very big!

A lot of space for storage
In addition to the category record for the size of the cockpit, Italia 10.98 has ample storage space with 5 distinct lockers, two under the benches and three on the floor in the cockpit, one of which is devoted exclusively to the liferaft. And not to be forgotten that Italia 10.98 has all this storage space in both two and three cabins versions.

The pleasure of teak
You will never see a model of Italia 10.98 with the cockpit in resin. Just because it is not produced. In fact, as a standard the cockpit and the seats are covered with high-quality teak 10 mm thick, simply the best on the market. Upon request, tit is also possible to finish all the deck with teak wood.

Molded antiskid
The antiskid of Italia 10.98 is made from the mold. This means that each unit is exactly equal to another, neither too slick nor too abrasive, in respect of the initial project. Moreover, the various areas of the deck are separated into sections, to facilitate any maintenance or repair of small parts, not to be never in the necessity of having to intervene on regions that are too large, with an obvious advantage in costs saving.

Light and space as much as you like

Light, space, aeration and comfort are some of the guiding criteria to develop the interiors of this eleven metres boat, giving the large spaces sensation, typical of bigger boats. Italia 10.98 can offer high performances, ensuring the comfort of cruising boats. The design is linear and essential, warm and welcoming, and it aims to create an environment that immediately transmits a sense of intimacy and comfort.
Available in both two-cabins / 6 beds and three cabins / 8 beds versions, Italia 10.98 moves up the benchmark in terms of livability and comfort for the assessment of boats in its class.

Interiors in teak with horizontal grain
The interiors of Italia 10.98 are in teak. Actually on the market there are available many types of wood, the so-called “third”, “second” or “first” choice. Even more in terms of quality is the quality so called “extra”. For Italia 10.98 we have chosen only “extra” quality teak, cutting it and placing it with horizontal grain, to ensure the continuity of the design of bulkheads and doors and between cabinets. More than that, we could not do anything else.

Rounded edges and lamellar frames
Points more likely to pass are rounded, even with extensive use of lamellar frames. The lack of sharp edges gives harmony and sweetness to the internal lines of the boat, making it also the same as less prone to shocks and wear. Of course, with less sharp the boat is also much more secure.

Relax and comfort in the two large cabins

The height of the cabin allows even tall people to stand comfortably in an upright position; the size of beds in the cabins is also abundant in the shoulder area; under the large master bedroom and on the sides there are ample spaces for storage. In addition, removing the backs of the sofas in the saloon you can obtain two regular size beds; this arrangement brings the availability of beds to 6, in the version with two cabins, and 8 in the version with three cabins, not bad for a boat of this size! The aft cabin, finally, is wide and high, finished to perfection, with ample space for storage under the bed as in the sides. All beds have shelves to support the personal and dedicated reading lights.

Luxury finishings
Look around you and see that special luxury: the “push lock” of the cabinets, stainless steel hinges, adjustable LED reading lamps, well designed stainless steel faucets and towel. All covering and sides are upholstered in soft leather: great looking, pleasant to the touch, hygienic and very easy to clean. The bathroom is completely molded. The upholstery is available in a wide range of colors and materials, skylights are protected by useful curtains package in saloon, while in the cabins are installed curtains and mosquito nets from “Ocean Air”: Italia 10.98 is really the best.

Maximum areation and luminosity
Italia 10.98 can boast eleven skylights and hatches, most of which flush deck, all of wich can be opened. This impressive number of hatches tells you about the brightness of its interiors, both regarding the pleasant area of the saloon than the cabins.

A no-compromise equipment

Italia 10.98 is a well designed boat: every detail feels like be in the right place. The design philosophy is also recognizable in plants and equipment: sometimes the hidden details reveal great care, passion and expertise in the choices, as the result of extensive sailing experience of the designers. The absolute quality of the materials, the easy way for inspection and testing, the availability of the spare parts on the international market: all these details contribute to the concept of total quality product that is in Italia Yachts purposes.

State of the art equipment
The deck equipment of Italia 10.98 is striking. As a standard, you can find six soversized self tailing winches, a “German Sheet” mainsail control, the mainsail rail cart flush under the cockpit. More, the genoa rails with adjustable bow lift on spheres. All running rigging equipment and eyebolts are provided for use the circuit of the gennaker. The Vang is a rigid telescopic one. To save battery, the navigation lights are LED and finally, a 160-liter tank provides an important water reservoir.

Mast and boom
The mast and boom of Italia 10.98 are in aluminum by John Mast, which is a brand recognized internationally as one of the best in terms of both performance and durability. The sweetness of the regulations can give ample opportunity to fine tune the handling of the boat according to your taste; every unit of Italia 10.98 is delivered to the customer only after a series of sail tests that involve testing up for all the basic components, as well as calibration, centering and tensioning of the mast by our technicians.

Dyneema® running rigging
An optional? No, this is all for standard! All the running rigging are in Dyneema®, in custom colors created expecially for Italia Yachts, to guarantee excellent performance and durability. The backstay is in Dyneema®, while the standing rigging is discontinuous with swivels.

Through deck roller jib
Italia 10.98 is equipped as standard with a through deck roller jib. With this system, the deck is free of obstructions and its possibile to easy switch between a roller jib, perfect for cruising, and a set of high performance sails for the race. The full batten mainsail is already be suitable for use as well in cruising that for Race. Finally, on Italia 10.98 is easy sail with Gennakers thanks to the eyebolts and padeyes installed on the deck as standard.

“German sheet” with dedication winches
We wanted to make the boat easy to use even for a solitary sailing. For this, we placed the mainsail winches near the helm, easily maneuverable without letting go of the wheel. The result is an extremely ergonomic cockpit layout and free from tops, very safe, suitable for conducting both short-handed that much free to maneuver in the race with a full crew.

Technical specifications

Model: Italia 10.98
Yacht design: Maurizio Cossutti Yacht Design e Italia Yachts Design Team
Interior design: Emanuele Pillon
Property and management: Italia Yachts - Venezia
Builder: Italia Yachts - Venezia
Certification: European Certification CE, craft “A” category
Lenght over all: mt 11,29 (37,04 ft)
Hull length: mt 10,98 (36,02 ft)
Waterline length: mt 9,65 (31,66 ft)
Beam max: mt 3,65 (11,97 ft)
Draft: mt 1,90 (6,23 ft)
Displacement: 4.500 Kg
Ballast: 1.500 Kg ca
Engine: Diesel 30 CV Sail Drive
Tanks: Fuel n° 1 x 110 lt / Water n° 1 x 200 lt
Engine: Diesel Lombardini 30 Hp Sail drive
Engine battery: n° 1 x AGM 55 AH
Services battery: n° 1 x AGM 130 AH (second optional battery 130AH)
Sail area mainsail + jib: 72 mq
Sail area mainsail + gennaker: 135 mq

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