The site: carpenters of our times
Hustle is not a good way to make boats. And the experience is equally important that a good shipyard organization. Conscious design choices are possible when supported by a continuous dialogue with the one who has to build the boats. This is a real team work.

Italia Yachts has set from the beginning its business organization on the dialogue between the departments, each with their own responsibilities, but pushed continually engaging with partners; builders with designers, managers with planners and dealers with owners.

Every decision is carefully considered by from the first-level draft, then the project, then in the early stages of prototyping and executive.
The contamination and mutual interpenetration of the various sectors is at the basis of the solutions that make each Italia Yacht model a real debut: from the water lines to the equipment, from the technical choices to the more strictly aesthetic ones, everyone involved in project is constantly aware about the overall needs, and its able to reconduce his work into the original vision.


In Venice they did always build boats, and many of them possess one.
Not surprisingly, Italia Yachts is taking its first steps in the Lagoon of Venice, with local staff. The workers of the shipyard site in Chioggia work the resin and produce sailboats for over fifty years. The whole production is guaranteed by the two production plants, allowing Italia Yachts considerable independence from external suppliers, dealing personally as well as assembly, including the design, molding and woodworking operations.

The project team consists of professionals who have sailed the seas around the world, both in racing and for pleasure, with the most diverse and prestigious yachts and crews.

People makes the difference
Prior to successfully engage in trade as a dealer X-Yachts, Franco Corazza has been for many years the “number one” of the Merit Cup, one of his inventions, recognized internationally as one of the better tailer and skipper.
Maurizio Cossutti has designed some of the most titled fast cruiser boats in the recent history of racing ORCi.
Marco Schiavuta has participated in two America’s Cup campaigns with the “Moro of Venice”, and all the designers involved in the project, such as Matteo Polli or Alessandro Ganz, are excellent sailors, currently still in business.

It is a source of pride for Italia Yachts speak the same language as their customers shipowners: known wishes and needs of those who go to sea, both for racing or leisure, is the best way to give them more timely and complete responses. This way, the customer can always find competent and passionate people, naturally predisposed to solve its problems.

The Italia Yachts shipyard has no secrets. If you are interested in a model and you want to discover how a boat, contact the headquarters of Chioggia, we’ll schedule a visit to the site just for you.

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